A Long Way to Go

The applause was deafening.  His walk off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth brought his team to victory; no need to better himself any more.
He was assured of a hefty raise in the off-season, or of becoming a highly sought after free agent and make even more money.  He could become the highest paid player ever.  He could put life in his pocket and never have to strive for anything anymore.
His ego swelled to a selfish high, and his attitude toward life influenced him to change his priorities.  He left his humble self behind and carried his foolish pride into the future.
He got his ten year contract and became an instant multi-millionaire.  He could buy anything he wanted.  Money was no object.  If he smashed up one of his Lamborghinis, he could go out and buy another.
During the ten years, he no longer worked toward bettering himself.  His offensive numbers began to suffer,.  His legs started to weaken, and soon the team started to lose confidence in him, and got another outfielder to replace him.  He became a liability to the team.
When his contract was up, nobody wanted him anymore.  He had no investments for the future and squandered all the money; therefore, was left with nothing.  His so called friends abandoned him, and left him alone in his misery.
In life, there is always a long way to go.  No end can be reached, because there can be no perfection.  Only God is perfect.  All we can do is push ourselves toward our God-self and hope for the best.  There are still many miles to go to reach the summit, so all we can do is cover as many as we can.
If the player would have realized that his greatness was only a small portion of what life and perfection are, he could have lived up to his potential.  No matter how far he went, he still had a long way to go.

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