Poets in the freedom of a greater freedom,
Poets united with the voice of the spirit,
Oblivious to the shackles of the mind,
That lay in the lap of nature and her charms,
In green pastures with arms of freedom,
Of lofted feet and minds outside of minds,
In fields outside of fields and spaces beyond,
Brushing heaven against their cheeks
And feeling the smooth texture of its tears
And the language that flows inside their minds
And the humor and the sorrow that flows forth,
Sliding across the spine through fissures inside,
Moving into the heart and singing along the way,
Songs of freedom reaching lands far greater,
Throwing shackles aside one by one, bit by bit,
Giving them up for the freedom of expression,
Making rules and breaking them with laughter,
Moving the ordinary into the extra-ordinary,
Throwing words into the heavy wind
And watching them fly away,
Riding with them on wild steeds,
Moving with the spirits and feeling the air,
Landing on nothing but something great,
Kissing heaven with emancipated lips,
Locking arms with mystical arms,
Being free in the grasp of empty spaces,
Shackles of freedom and rules of wisdom,
The delineated into the outer limits,
The outer limits into the limitless,
The limitless into the breath of heaven,
The sweet fragrance of the rising jasmine,
The permeation of the upper ether
That purifies earthly dreams and theories,
That reserves a place beside the almighty
Invents a new freedom called poetry.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

That's for sure. Great

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Words uncensored within and beyond imagination, stretch the limits without fear and accept even more fearless.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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