Love’s embrace, tendrils grasping,
Lithesome arms, skyward reaching,
Upward spiraling,
Silky fingers, poetic touches,
Love dawning, love quickened,
Love entwining, love as earthly,
Love Gods calling, carnal thoughts,
War of earth and sky,
Battlefields and sanctuaries,
Heaven painted red and black,
The divine, the impious,
The sea and the tempest,
But yet divinity in high command,
Passed by in the moment,
Lost in the taste of wine,
The thrill of the flesh,
The losing of the self,
The Gods of love, love entwined,
Eros wrapped up in ecstasy,
Pleasure’s lawful obedience,
But yet divinity in high command,
A walk into the heated night,
Of love calling out for love,
The love of intoxication,
Of pleasure and its destiny,
Passion and passion’s running
Through an exotic maze,
Of being transported
To an island in the sky,
A place painted in red,
A romp in the universe,
A new strength garnered,
Pleasure’s dance, pleasure’s rites,
Love being incarnate,
Rising up between two lovers,
But yet divinity in high command,
The laws of the earth carried out
As pleasure and the
Sanctity of pleasure.

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Robert L. Martin
about 1 month

Thank you Grace. My book, Rhymes of the Joke Machine, by Robert L. Martin is available on Amazon, also Wings of Inspiration, my first book. I wish I could sign them for you. You've been so supportive of me. You are very kind.

about 1 month


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