In my dream last night
Softened by my pillow,
While my fantasy was still my only world,
That beautiful world of cascading waters,
Of vibrant rain forests and smiling faces,
Enchanted by the singing of the birds,
Where my world was a heavenly dream,
I slept upon a cloud of liquid velvet.
Until a reality with voices came about
That riled my world of make-believe
With an admonition about a future event,
I awoke with my head still on that cloud
Where I could smell the cascading waters
And see the smiling faces above the clouds.
Then my consciousness started
Taking control of my sub-conscious world.
The invasion of voices rocked my fantasies.
They cast me between the real world
And the world of make-believe.
Was it a physical or spiritual warning?
Was the spirit entering my
Physical world to act as my consul?
Should I take heed?
Should I let the spirit control my fate?
I honored the admonition to
Become free of any apprehension
And give my life over to God,
To live the life of a free man.

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