Adrenalin Rides
Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh-sh-sh-sh
Skies shifting, rivers splashing,
Thunder clapping, volcanoes ranting
Bombs blasting, laughing, shaking
How my body feels at the moment
The moment when tragedy comes into view
It moves me as it pleasures my senses
Like breathing thunder through the nostrils
That settles into a pit of thrills about to ensue
As I ride upon its back across the fiery skies
Heaven looks like a field of dreams too soft
No place to stop for the passionate traveler
Who goes to where the action is at its peak
Far beyond what heaven has to offer as
Angels with their empty wings fly back home
That feeling that sings battle songs to my spirit
Suffuses my being as it drives me to the summit
Where the land of the beast comes into view
And where heaven is a forgotten island on the way
My dark side reigns victorious as it
Plants its flag into sacrilegious grounds
And he who condemns my thrilling journey
Has that same feeling deep down inside
Upon seeing someone else’s tragedy
As the Romans had at the Coliseum
Watching the tragedy of the Christians
That thrilling adrenalin ride
That devil’s journey with pleasure in his loin

I wrote this poem in first person singular, but it was meant for mankind in general.

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