The Warm Up
Winter’s grip growing tired and weary
Colors arising from out of the dreary
As seasons march into a new paradise
Climbing out of tombs with big, big eyes
Looking for green pastures to land
With dancing feet and a marching band
A new contented place to call home
Where nature breathes and poets roam
Seasons are philosophers in their moving
The harsh primed for its subsequent soothing
The oppressed looking up toward the sky
As lovers unite with one glorious sigh
How grand you are in your warming up
Your southern winds and your lively strut
You move into places with a warm hello
Then settle in with your hearty glow
We wait for you with open arms
You warm us up with all your charms
You are a hero upon a white horse
Winter’s a sordid memory of course
Welcome, welcome springtime at last!

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almost 6 years

really enjoyed this one

Kara Vasquez
over 6 years

Love it!

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