When we work a jigsaw puzzle,
We look to find each piece.
Until we find them all,
The puzzle is still incomplete.
When we know what is missing,
We look to find that piece.
When we don’t know what is missing,
We don’t know what to look for.
When we think
There is nothing missing
But something is,
The puzzle remains incomplete.
Until we can realize that
Something is incomplete,
It will always remain that way.

When I wrote this I was thinking about the awful mistakes the N Y Giants made during the 2017 draft. They needed a offensive lineman, but didn't know that was their problem. They went ahead and drafted a tight end who turned out to be a good player, but the 3 - 13 records proved that they made a terrible mistake. Their offense was miserable because of that. ( no blocking )

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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Reminds me of the Washington ‘Skins. The team has remained an incomplete jigsaw puzzle since the end Joe Gibbs era - glorious championship era of the Washington ‘Skins.
The team was swallowed and remained in the quagmire of the swamp that’s DC. And will stay there unless the owner and the staff find the right pieces to the puzzle and not as often they do start a new jigsaw puzzle with 2000 pieces or more every season.

Hope the Giants and the ‘Skins can get back to the golden days of Lawrence Taylor and John Riggins soon in our lifetime if not this ‘18/20 season. Great dirt in your face rivalry!

Like. Thank you Robert.

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