After the Thrill

As beauty steps down from heaven’s mount,
Afixed in the eyes and loin for the count,
And fantasy is in the pleasure of the touch,
The thrill of the moment to be and such,
The flight of the passion that mounts inside
As the touch so silken and beauty collide,
Skin upon skin making the heavens sing
Songs of what pleasure and passion bring.
A mandate is handed down as heaven’s  decree,
A consummation of love on a sacred journey.
After the fire dies down as embers smolder,
As the days march on and the love grows older,
We rekindle the fire through passion’s fabrication.
We recreate love’s primal stage out of obligation.
Love is still new through our compassionate heart,
Our need to restore our feelings from the start.
We are a step above the law of bestial instinct.
We honor the sacred creed of how we must think.
But as the birds build their nest,
We move love up from
A thrill to a dedication,
A prudential escalation for
The commandments of love,
A home for love to flourish in.

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