The takeover of the beast
in a peaceful remote village
nestled against the
Altai Mountain Range
where Emo was born,
was the beginning of the virus.
He rose up and declared
himself Lord of the People,
Priest of the East
in the form of a dragon,
evil descendant of Indra,
born from a clap of thunder
and flash of lightning,
a colossal beast that shook
the ground as he trod upon it.
His ugly head that
sat upon his mammoth,
scaly, crusted body,
touched the clouds as he
snorted fire and venom,
sickening everything in its path
as it traveled to the west
until his victims were at his feet
begging him to have mercy
upon them and leave them alone.
After he ignored their pleas,
they grouped together
and organized armies,
told the inhabitants to
stay away from each other to
prevent the virus from spreading
until a new vaccine was
proven to be safe.
Then he blew and blew to no avail.
It weakened the dragon’s lungs
until he had no more strength
to blow anymore; hence,
the dethroning of the beast.

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