Suggestion Boxes
Some are made of cardboard
Some are made of steel
Some are made of porcelain
Some have fancy bows around them
Some match the décor of the office
The contents inside are sometimes fancy
Some of the paper is even colored
You can roll it up and practice
Three pointers in the wastebasket
Or you can laugh at the contents
At the meetings
Some of them are very amusing
All those valuable suggestions
Have their relevance around the office
When you practice those three pointers
Your basketball skills improve
When you laugh at them at the meetings
They say laughter is the best medicine
When the heater is shut down
They come in handy to get a fire started
When you run out of toilet paper
They come in handy in the bathroom
All in all, those suggestions are
Vital to the company’s well-being
Keep ‘em coming

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