At the Crux
Here I am at the crux on high
Living with life when death’s on nigh
It comes to me with its bloody teeth
Its sword drawn from its gilded sheath
I dive into the fire and hope for the best
To mingle with the reaper my sole request
I sing to the abyss when life gets too soft
A love affair with death more than oft
Hell’s on fire and it scorches my soul
Makes me move until I lose control
It brings me to places I cannot see
Where paradise peaks thru’ smoldering debris
My heart beats with the fury of the unknown
A stallion let loose to run and roam
I’m free to choose my yearning paradise
One that hinges on only one roll of dice
I’m a daredevil flyer that kisses the sky
My home is where eagles come to fly
Life is too gentle, too calm, too complacent
Too languid, too peaceful, too prophetic, and too safe
Give me a home upon shifting sand

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Norman Goldstein
about 7 years

Wonderful....what a trip it sends me on...the words fly and carry so well....


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