Where beauty reigns, malice lurks
With envied eyes and evil rants
Stone cold hearts and angry fists
With venom in its pent up arsenal
The right time for its striking
When beauty is at its grandest
To surface when her guard is down
Blemishes attack with blazing guns
Without beauty, our lady in view
Hides behind veils of degradation
A shadow of her once proud self
Comes out when all else lies asleep
Society builds with unblemished stones
Faces that keep its vanity rolling
Years and years of beauty preserved
That lives and thrives in all grand palaces
Generations fly into generations
With their pompous wings to and fro
Into life, colored with soft pastels
An easy abode among easy times
The higher that beauty brings itself
The lower it has to fall
As blemishes move in with evil eyes
And make her world a living hell
Poor girl, once proud, once loved
Poor girl, once reliant on her beauty
Poor girl, hiding from the
Life that she once loved
Poor girl, a victim of a blemish
And the hell it brought to her

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