Back to Earth

Upon riding on the clouds
with my feet suspended
between heaven and earth,
deep inside her feathery arms
of soft velvet and shiny skin,
her sweet breath still in my lungs,
her wine on my thirsted lips,
her pleasure palace in my reach
and mine in hers also,
love given and love received,
love made divine
running along love’s sacred course,
starting with that affinitive moment,
that magic vibration that carries us
into a worlds of dreams and revelations,
flowing with the currents
under the influence of love’s authority,
opening up Eternity’s secrets of the future
as we drift among the currents of time
into the heart of the infinite
where earth is a distant planet
and space is our new home.
As time again propels our mortal hearts
that beat amongst all earthly creatures
and sends us back to earth again
and reopens our eyes
to the world of weights and measures,
a sign that love lives upon solid ground
under the guidance of a celestial authority,
a divinity that preaches
the ways of the land, the good and the bad,
tolerance, stewardship, prudence,
courage, and wisdom,
a knowledge that we need
as we land back on earth again.

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