Come Ride With Me

Come Ride With Me
I am of the amusing sort
With children all around
They say I am a dreamer
So I guess I have to agree
So come ride with me
On my magic carpet
We’ll fly through the air
High above the clouds
Feel the wind at your face
See the earth as you have
Never seen it before
As small as a blade of grass
As beautiful as the setting sun
As happy as a birthday party
And as peaceful
As a sleepy willow
From way up above
We can see Paris passing by
The Himalayas as if they
Were castles in the sand
Australia as if it were a lonely
Little island lost at sea
I hope you will have
As much fun as
I always have
I promise to get you
Home before nightfall
Before the tired sun
Goes to sleep
Before we take
To the skies again
If you wish

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