Baton man with music in his fervent hands,
Sends it up and away into spirited lands,
Into unfamiliar seas upon the rocky waves,
Into rain forests and ancient virgin caves,
Guided by passion and dreams and love
And heavenly spirits that ride up above,
With melodic arms that pull you into a story
Of actions carried out to the sound of glory,
A softening of the words into a supple velvet,
An uncharted isle beneath a golden sunset,
Molding life and shaping it into a dream,
A tribute to the highest love supreme,
A glance at the Kingdom and a lingering sigh,
A sweet taste of nectar on a heavenly high,
An exotic feeling throughout every bone,
Then a horse drawn carriage to take you home,
Home to where the heart is full of music
And a maestro with a baton to make it tick.
Oh sweet music with him who guides it along,
Him with a dream that pours out of a song.

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