Nature’s proud being called permanence,
with her head held high above the clouds,
her feet entrenched in the solid ground,
her moods reliable and predictable,
her erratic behavior not taken seriously
as she rants and raves then goes to sleep.
She loves, she hates, but lives in the middle,
a child of the positioning of the planets,
of permanence being permanent,
of the earth bowing before her master sun,
of the snows sweating from the bowing,
where the rains convey the mood of the skies
as it descends and splashes down into
the lap of Mother Earth.
Permanence is the handiwork from the
hands of the creator that becomes eternal.
But what about the rain ascending?
What if the earth had a mind?
What if it had human characteristics?
What if it chose what path to follow?
What if it chose the wrong one?
What if it was a child of impermanence?
What if she wandered away from home?
What if her moods were too severe
to subside and settle down?
What if she didn’t like living in the middle?
What if permanence became impermanent?
Thank God for separating the living
from the inanimate and
keeping the rain from ascending.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Thanx Nelson. Thank God for permanence

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Indeed thank God! I don’t see the Four Horsemen galloping all over Mother Earth anytime soon let alone in 12 years.
Let Mother Earth be right there in the “positioning of the planets”. Love her and cope with her all we can do.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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