Storied Eyes
Temperament tested
Fires dancing
Volcanoes roaring
Tempests swirling
Tornadoes running
Spirits raging
Souls festering
Armies building
Troops assembling
Arsenals compiling
Devils laughing
Hell’s unveiling
Micro battles raging
As storied eyes reveal
The anger built up inside
The windows to the soul
Beauty revealing
Its captivating spirit
Its breathtaking charm
Its dominating effect
Its revitalizing passions
Its warming of the heart
Its description of love
Its portrayal of bliss
Its domineering influence
Its total command
Its conversions from hate and anger
To love and peace
Messengers of truth
From their infallible home,
Climb out to proclaim,
“The eyes tell the story
Of anger, love, and romance.
Truth is always visible
Through storied eyes.”

Lying is hard to do when the eyes always say the truth.

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