“I’m gonna get you Big Blue,
you half fish and half beast,
half devil and half man of the wild,
with your deadly tail and sinewy fins,
slicing through the mysterious waters,
swimming close to the boat,
close enough to see the desperation
smeared all over my sweaty face.
You enter my mind thru’ sleepless nights
with your taunting smile,
your tantalizing demeanor,
and your all powerful jaws
that can crush the hook with one bite.
You wait for me in the dawning of the day
as you have waited every day before,
in your castle in the sea, your hideaway,
home of the brave and fearless,
to play with me and baffle my mind,
calling me out to sea
with your alluring voice,
taking the bait, pulling me down
into the chilling waters,
the graveyard of the fishermen before,
as your newly acquired trophy,
the defeated one that fell before you,
that built up your pride
and tore mine down.
But I’m gonna get you Big Blue,
if it’s the last thing I ever do.
I will cut you into little pieces
and prepare you for my dinner
and think of the way I outsmarted you,
and how I won the battle of the wits.
Just wait!”

I got inspired to write this from a movie I saw last night called, "Serenity" with Mathew McConaughy.and Ann Hathaway.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Thanx Isaac. Glad you like it.

Isaac Eustice
over 1 year

Bravo! The fisher fishing the fish who fishes fishermen. This one's great!

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