Bound by Nature

If the birds are bound by music, why can’t I be?  I can do away with rhetoric and pride.  I can live among the forest and plains.  I can commune with the sounds of nature by listening intensely.  I can sensitize my ears.
I can hear what the birds do when they echo sounds.  I can find out where they are coming from.  I can be enamored by the beauty and rhythm of them.  I can decipher what is beauty and what is desperation.  I can be moved by my findings. I can let the music take over me and direct my reactions.  I can let it take over my life.  I can let instinct rule my world.
No I can’t do all these things.  I can’t further sensitize my senses.  I can’t forget rhetoric and pride.  I can’t avail myself to nature and let it rule me.  I can’t let nature’s will force me to finish every task, when I sometimes won’t finish my own, initiated by my own thinking.  I can’t rise above all reasoning, yet fall infinitely short of it, like all creatures do.

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