Chastity Girl

Girl in the sight of hungry wolves,
With your skirts above your knees,
Playing house in your dollhouse,
Wearing your smiles on your face,
Smiles lost in the heat of the night,
In the transformation of innocence
To a whole new world of erotic dreams,
Of wild wedding nights with your lover,
Of passion and the running of passion,
Of fairy tales and their real life dramas,
Of your Prince Valliant in the flesh,
Of what his kisses feel like,
Of dreams and the embodiment of them,
Of their feelings becoming your feelings
As they travel down an erotic highway
To a warm and rousing place in the groin,
Where they fire up your dormant senses
That come alive with the inundation of lust,
That warmth that suffuses your heart,
That introduces the intoxication of life,
That makes you lose your mind,
Where sex is your intellect and master
In an exotic world not seen or felt before.
Little girl with grown up age approaching,
Keep you chastity belt intact.
Don’t give in to those hungry wolves.
Keep in mind the sanctity of love.
Be careful to choose your lover.
Don’t let him choose you.
Honor your marriage vows.
Live a happy and wholesome life.

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