Power is in knowledge

The boy was disheartened when the leader of his encounter group said he was aloof, detached, and weak.  He wanted to fit in with the rest of his peers, but his thoughts were still miles away.  
Why does everybody pick on me?  I don’t mean any harm to them.  They were all created in the image of God and capable of keeping his peaceful desires in their hearts.
Cruelty is in the early stages of human development.  If it remains acted upon later in life, it is a sign of mental weakness.  He who can’t control his aggression doesn’t have the capacity to know himself and know what he is capable of.  Bullies pose as much of a threat to themselves as they do to others.
All the boy was doing was fulfilling the will and prophecies of God.  “The meek shall inherit the earth.”  Love in its supremacy remains steadfast.  It oversees all human weaknesses.  It gives you the power to see into the hearts of humankind and predict his outcome.  Knowing the manifestations of power is stronger than the blind demonstration of it.
The boy’s retaliation was in his thoughts as he gathered them up to write about them.  The bullies saw it as an act of weakness, an invitation for them to show how ignorant they are.  
Strength is in the power of thought.  It is a chain put together with its strongest links.  Cruelty is put together with its weakest ones who believe that cruelty is acceptable and amusing.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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