Gray Upon the Gray

Gray piled upon the restless gray
In yonder skies before me eyes,
Of beauty swirling round and round,
Ominous clouds from waters on up,
Spiraling up to the nervous skies of ebony,
Poking holes in the outskirts of heaven,
Pacing around the perimeters in haste,
Cursing at the quiet Gods inside,
Flexing their muscles and pounding their fists,
‘Tis a sight to behold to see nature’s rage
And beauty that grows from the deep inside.
Oh what a grand sight to approach for me,
To see Mother Nature dressed in black satin,
To take to the waters upon the crystal blue,
To paddle to see such a glorious sight
And to touch the beauty with me hands.
Into the quiet waters I go to my sightings
As beauty dances before me very eyes.
Out there in the wilds in water’s rising
And me in the middle of it all.
My heart pumping outside my chest,
The waters getting wild and angry,
The waves dashing against me boat,
A ride to end all rides before,
Throwing me from one wave to another,
A thrill running down my spine,
Until that monster that put me under,
Under the deep to my watery grave,
What a price to pay;
To feel Mother Nature
Going to war
With the devil.

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