They with their bloody claws
Snorting nostrils and cunning calls
Scour the earth with bulging eyes
Homeward bound with a tasty prize
Life so clean in its virginal lining
All spread out for lustful defiling
Claws dripping with blood of virgins
Satanic offerings with wailing cherubims
Sacred ground so clean for the digging
Savory spices in place for the rigging
Embarking out to sea on some proud voyage
Dumping what’s clean and what became spoilage
But they, the loud and they the boisterous
Have become to be the most desirous
We hold their cleverness in high esteem
So bamboozled by a carefully plotted scheme
I wanna go home to a life so pure
Wash my hands of that what I endear
I’ve fallen into a pit of idolish deceit
Of swarming vipers wrapped around my feet
I wanna go home to a life so pure
Robert L. Martin

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