Feel the adrenalin flowing inside,
Moving at a high rate of speed,
An instantaneous high
From the sight of blood and gory
And the love of mortal combat,
Its arousal of all the senses,
The bird of passion
With its wings tickling the walls,
Dancing inside and rousing the spirit,
Its calling to the savage within,
The heavy pounding of the blood,
Its reaching down into the groin,
Its restocking of the latent arsenal,
Its building up of the strength,
Its immediate transference from
The passive to the aggressive man,
Its moving from one to the other,
As mankind falls in love
With that moment.

How can savagery be different than it was when man first walked upon the earth? That same envy was felt inside when he wanted something that belonged to his neighbor. That same emotion was still there when he beat him to death with a club and took it away from him. The only difference is that savagery is more sophisticated than it was then. War clubs and missiles still do all the killing. Man uses his ingenuity to build weapons and uses them with that same feeling in his pumped up heart, that adrenal high that he so fell in love with as he roams the earth from centuries into centuries.

Everyone keeps saying that the world is more violent than it was yesterday. What about the "First Testament?' What about that same feeling man gets when he sees or creates a violent act? Too me, violence is still the same as it was yesterday. It's just more sophisticated.

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