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Data in Disguise

Data in disguise,
covered up with a thick haze,
born in reality on solid rock
in the essence of truth but truth
dressed up in flamboyant costumes,
facts revealed but veiled in secrecy,
painted in pastel colors
enough to show a bit of truth
to those in search of it who
in turn reward themselves
when they find it.
Data, the backbone of reality
with a desire for change,
unsatisfied of what it is
with one foot in truth
and the other wandering about,
walking into another world,
a world of dreams and colors
that stimulates the imagination,
words leading to a conclusion but
circling around different pathways,
inventing new steps to find it,
bringing in the dreamers for a guide,
dreamers who marvel at the
sunsets along the way,
who don’t care about conclusions;
who know about them
but would rather invent
new ways to find them,
a dreamer to walk upon the pathway
for a thinking man to
find it through the thickening mist,
of traffic signs that lead to crashes
and the dreamer with a foresight
to avoid them,
dreamers alone who dream
and stay in their world until
it’s time to leave,
time to go back to reality
until the Poet Gods
rouse them from their
temporal lethargic world.
An ode to poetry and the
way it disguises the truth
and makes the way to it
uplifting and enlightening.

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