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Deep Sea Destiny

Old salt deep sea lover,
seafarer of yesteryears and up ahead,
riding atop nature’s briny waves
with a song of the wind
blowing kisses against the dancing sails,
to ports and ports and yet more ports,
counting the waves up to near a trillion,
meditating upon the motion of the waters
and the eternal power hidden within
that runs with the tempest,
rises with the volcano,
and speaks to the boisterous thunder
in the language of the angry skies,
then sitting upon the rolling but glassy sea,
waiting for a breeze to pick up,
a respite of the engines that drive the waves,
the never ending erratic winds,
Mother Nature’s playground,
a child out in the wild,
but yet the Neptunian queen
whose domain is the salty seas.
What she does is what she does.
She tossed him around and played with him
on his inaugural voyage and every day since.
She became his devoted mother
as he rode the high seas
and marveled at her beauty and strength,
an ongoing battle to control
his incestuous thoughts,
his desires to return to her womb
when father time told him to go forth
to his grave that lay on the ocean floor,
his riding upon a Tsunami
and letting it push him down
until his lungs were filled
with his mother’s milk,
his ode to the sea and whatever
it did to him.

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