On top where genius lives,
Where wisdom settles in,
Locked up in heavy iron vaults,
With padlocked and aspired secrets,
From arduous climbers,
One step closer to perfection,
To the summit of pride,
The estrangement of normalcy,
A walk to the infinite,
A look into celestial secrets,
A collection of thoughts and revelations,
The application to the advancement of art,
Another step toward perfection,
The fraternity of the sages,
Beyond the pleas of
Normal thoughts and demands,
Up too high to hear and respond,
Locked inside with parchment and pen,
Hearing muffled screams of terrestrial thoughts,
Where culture is superficial,
A plummet back to normalcy,
Where descending geniuses travel,
The road back to the past,
The degradation of refinement,
The unlearning of revelations,
A futile attempt to lose them along the way,
The high and mighty too far into space,
A failed application to a terrestrial idea,
Too far from mainstream’s needs,
A square peg trying to fit in a round hole,
The genius that lost his way,
Too close to God and too far away from mainstream,
Suspended between heaven and earth,
Where heavenly thoughts mobilize the arts,
And mainstream is the immobilization of it.
There are geniuses, the outcasts of society,
Geniuses, the crusaders of culture,
Geniuses, who lost communication,
And geniuses who descended successfully, thank God.

I think it is degrading for geniuses to lose their credibility when they have to step down to contribute to the arts. The onlooker is the one that should step up to understand it. If they can understand it, it is an accomplishment, a reward for being able to do so.

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