Back into the Calm

Soft water like silken arms
in harmony to a mother’s lullaby,
a drifting on a lazy river,
an easy ride in a quiet sanctuary,
a listening to the melodic birds,
looking down at the glassy waters,
the days of contented dreaming
when the world is light as a feather
and the waters are sleepy clouds
drifting through space and time
until a minor stirring in the river,
a slight movement in the current,
an arousing to interrupt the dreams,
a picking up of speed,
a racing along the river banks,
an assault of the charging waters,
a race with the adrenal flowing,
lava shooting through the veins,
sledge hammers pounding,
kicking against the esophagus
as the waterfall approaches,
a plunging off the jagged cliffs,
a life or death plummeting,
a surrender to the
white wings of death,
a freedom from the fear of fear,
a face to face with the angels
or a digging down to the hell below,
then a rolling in the turbulent waters,
uncertainty of the up and down,
a frantic conundrum, then a
floating up to the air at the surface,
a mercy of the God above,
back to the easy breathing again,
a journey back into the calm,
the gratitude of being alive,
a new outlook on life, a stronger
faith in God and a reliance on
his plan for the life of me.
Robert L. Martin
101 Murray St Apt 4G
Bangor, PA 18013
(610) 733-6116

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