Elements of Life

Elements of Life

Spirituality seeks the meaning of life, and technology gives it the fuel to find it.  The two elements together stand in honor to God, and to their talents given to them, and to the power of reason.  Technology is mired to its own level without steps to lift it to a higher consciousness at the summit of its dreams.
Spirituality answers the questions about what to do with technology and its development.  It gives technology reins to be free, but also a harness to guard that freedom, and keep it out of harm’s way.  If it wishes to be unattended to, it can become a flame that burns to its own destruction.  Sometimes said, “Technology is superior and, therefore, at odds with religion,” but what is written in the sanctuary of the spirit, is that religion is the breath that gives it life.
If a war were to be waged between the two elements, it would be not strength verses strength, but rather strength verses the support of it, like a tree at odds with its own roots.  The real battle is waged when they join together as allies carrying a banner with the words, “For the glory of God,” inscribed upon it, to fight the development of Godless technology and its devious intentions. The freedom that free will lives in stops at nothing, because it is free to choose whether or not to let God in to authorize its plans and oversee its development.
Technology needs the grace of God at the helm, for he is the wisdom of the wind that powers the sails and delivers us to the distant shores of our dreams.  Technology is the ship built from the realm of reason that chauffeurs us through our days and nights.  If it were to fail, it would cast us adrift on the high seas, and render us powerless to reach our aspirations.  The fragility of its function lies in the bowels of its strength.  Technology teeters on the fence that separates good from evil.  It is a seed for the restoration of life, and the knowledge to further its growth, but also ammunition for the destruction of it.
Since we are a tree in God’s forest, we can listen to the voice of the wind that speaks through the leaves and bids us, “God speed.”

Featured in "Alive Now Magazine." in 2007

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