Dulcis Concentus

Dulcis Concentus,
such sweet harmony,
how it selected me
from the multitudes
and flew down to me,
riding upon feathered wings
and alit upon my palate,
blowing its breath into my lungs
with a sweetness that engulfed me
and brought me to the
gardens of Eden,
took me out into
the fields of the jasmine,
stood by and comforted me
with satiny violins
with melodious strings
moving the sound
through the romantic air,
initiated by succulent fingers
dipped in honey and spice,
harmonies that grabbed
a hold of me with its aroma
that moved through me
like a scented river
of a heavenly perfume
and threw me into the calm,
paralyzed me and
transported me through space
where I couldn’t feel
anything but the sound
as it filled my lungs
and lifted me up to heaven’s gate,
of such a beautiful sound,
a sound that melts all other sound,
of angel choirs and outer space,
of floating and drifting clouds,
of quiet skies and mystic rivers,
oh such sweet harmony,
Dulcis Concentus.

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