The Discontented
Riches abounding but nothing appreciated
Gold admired but integrity devalued
Pleasure sought and spirituality forgotten
Pleasure found but contentment lost
Possessions revered but humility debased
New values arise while the old go down
The new life is a suit that doesn’t fit
The righteous rich are contented in spirit
A wealthy man keeps humility in his heart
The discontented devalues humility
On his empty rise to the top
With no spiritual values to pursue
While old values become new values
When the wise become the bewildered
When the bewildered become the discontented
When the discontented chase after
That which remains out of reach
As he lies awake at night
Asking himself
”Where did I go wrong?”
He who has no control over himself
Has no one to turn to
Not even God who he
Abandoned on his rise to the top
Contentment with the divine will
Is the best remedy to cure the
Discontent of the materialist
The one who lies awake at night
And loses sight of his
Spiritual humble self

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

Thanx much

about 5 years

very nice!

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