Lovely Air

Currents of red and freshly green
Streams of stardust and stately clean
Moving outward from vibrant billows
Lovely air passing through the willows
Trumpets converting sound into color
Into purple haze and skies of lavender
Passion streaming from melodious winds
As the cold dies out and the music begins
Wistful melodies brought on by the sadness
Of the love of music of beauty caressed
Virgin rains and harmony in tears
Sounds united in fragile ears
Passing through corridors lined in gold
Spiraling to the skies as the clouds unroll
Sound into beauty and beauty into space
Passion in control and written on the face
As trumpeters play and the music flows
Heaven drops down as the tension grows
An ode to the sweetness of the purest heart
As passion filters through from the very start
And sound turns to color as the music plays
A song of lovely air and soft summer days

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Renata Martin
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