Electric Lady
Sparks flying, lightening splashing
Rapture’s calling, body’s burning
Angel’s singing, heaven’s touching
Sky’s falling, perfume permeating
Fantasies materializing, hope answered
Music playing, silence rhyming
Lust triumphant, passion’s boiling
Heart’s pounding, palms sweating
Hands trembling, pulse’s speeding
Loin’s stirring, throat’s drying
Eyes popping, skin tingling
Fingers roaming, toes curling
Hair standing, mouth’s twitching
Mind’s fading, spirit’s rising
Legs weakening, strength’s fleeing
Pride’s fading, apprehension’s advancing
Nerves tattering, love’s calling
The past, present, and future
All combined in the moment
When she appeared before me

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Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

Thank you, Karla

Karla Hart
about 4 years


Robert L. Martin
about 4 years

Thank you, Steven. I'm glad you liked it. Coming from you, it makes me feel great. I love your poems. I think you are very talented.

steven t.
about 4 years

Nice descriptive word combinations. A fun read all the way through.

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