The Limelight
His easy life, not so easy
He hides behind a see-through wall
He stows away from vicious eyes
Oh to disappear, but never out of sight
Wicked people follow him all around
Making up wicked stories to tell
They ransack his life to find a fault
For thirsty souls to buy juicy news
Woe is he to have reached the top
Only to be devoured by hungry vultures
Who trade morals for a vicious story
Then sugar-coat their plotting ways
Shame on me to swallow all those stories
And to pass them on ahead
To be as vicious as those who made them up
To them I confess, I did not know
He is to be honored who
Rises to the top and
Forgiven for his trifle fault
For don’t we all have faults ourselves
To be kept away from those who seek?

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