Our dependency on God starts in the womb, and our reverence to life begins at infancy.  It is pure and fascinating.  Smiles are abounding as we learn to reciprocate and nourish them.  Our environment teaches us what life is, and our minds are fully engrossed in everything that exists.
Fortunate is he who, in his formative years, sees that life is a blessing and keeps the joy and reveres the purity that always exists in him, regardless of how life treats him.
Fortunate is he who doesn’t have to battle with evil and can thrive on good vibrations that constantly surround him.  It takes too long to convalesce after being bitten; so that precious time could have been spent meditating on the good that life is meant to be.  It could further advance him on the road to his spiritual fulfillment.
Our environment is as vital to us as the air that we breathe.  Young minds are like tender flowers at the mercy of their nurturing.

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