Those who preach joy and happiness to all, but have none in their hearts, have nothing within themselves to verify those feelings.  Their smiles are only cultivated and not the result of how their true emotions manifest themselves.  If their smiles are pure, the joy from them within acknowledges what the Holy Spirit caused it to be.  Joy can’t be cultivated from unknown stimulants.  It is a by-product of what the soul contains.  If it depends on only a half-hearted influence to fill it, that indifference becomes a dimly lit torch that dwindles between each passing to one another.  Until the first passing loses sight of the source, it will lose its influence on the others in turn.  The joy from within remains eternal, because the Holy Spirit gave birth to it.

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 6 years

Wow I love this ! The Holy Spirit is where I get my joy and Inspiration, thank you for this H.S.I. if you check out my bio. You'll see that He's my inspiration . I'm also a song writer too. Maybe not the expert that you are' but we have a lot in common.

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Charlotte B. Williams

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