The world spins at a furious pace.
Springtime is a race around the globe.
Green keeps its vibrant shade of green.
Autumn leaves are suspended in the air.
Saplings rise like the blood of the beast,
As virgins cover their forbidden parts.
Forests soar into the calm of the sky.
Yesterday and today are identical twins.
Tomorrow is the speed of a lightning bolt.
Infants come and go through revolving doors.
Birth is a prelude to the hymn of death.
Generations surge into generations
As rivers dance between the rocks.
Waterfalls sink into petrified soil.
Inspiration draws from the bouncing moon.
Romance is a flutter of a starry eye.
Lovers float on the grumbling clouds
And give birth to the lively thunder.
Generations race with the roaring tempest
And land in the cradles of tomorrow.
Life is a moment of ecstasy and sorrow
And death is in the tears of their hearts.
The hereafter is the knowledge of tomorrow
As the stories on the pages speak so loud,
Loud and swiftly like the lunging serpent.
Where did the past and present go so fast?
Why can’t the future linger for a while?
Why didn’t the leaves touch the ground?
Why am I still reeling from the womb?
Why do generations fly into each other?
Why don’t they stop and rest for a while?

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

That sure is a good way of putting it.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

And all this as we ride the snail paced Earthship around the Sun that travels in warp velocity of the solar system in the galaxy and our Milky Way in super warped speed riding the expanding universe that’s blowing out to the edges of space time darkness along with other universes faster than the speed of light. How lucky we are relatively that we are tethered to planet Earth that’s practically not moving! Yet you are right, in our own macro environment humankind fly into each other in warped speed as virgins are left with only microbikinis.

Loved this one. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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