Love & Obligation

When love is introduced to two lovers,
When affinity moves with the speed of light,
When it hastens the course of love,
When the feeling becomes intense,
When that intensity begins to heat up,
When the heat becomes a spark,
When the spark becomes a flame,
When it lights up the dominion of the heart,
When the fire burns out of control,
When carnal thoughts dominate the senses,
When all control begins to lose its grip,
When reality is converted into a poem,
When passion replaces each sonnet,
When lovers lose all time and thought,
Is when infatuation and desire take charge.
When the heart goes into
Each other’s keeping,
When carnal desire loses its influence,
When reasoning replaces intuition,
When self satisfaction is replaced by charity,
When charity becomes a mutual admiration,
When admiration begins to become one sided,
When one side becomes the dominant one,
When the dominated one loses its self-esteem
And the feeling of inadequacy sets in,
Love needs its mutuality for the sake of love.
Even though the flame is out,
Respect becomes the new flame.
Pleasure must lose its influence
For the morality of love to be upheld.
Since the pleasure has run out,
Love then becomes a task
And an obligation.
The rules of love
Have to be obeyed for its sanctification.
Love is fun at first, then maybe duteous.

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