Guard Cows

Watch out!! Beware!! for the hills thou shalt run,
Attack cows on the loose to get you son;
guarding the perimeter of the farmer’s yard,
coming to get you and hit you hard.
They run like hell with their tongues hanging out
to lick you with that funky slime about.
They corral you with love on their erotic mind
and lick you with that funky smelling slime,
that funky goo mixed in with some cow bung grass
and you their soul mate still in their grasp,
a horrer story you wouldn’t wish for your enemy,
an attack cow encounter, a slime drench, a catastrophy.
Lions and tigers, drunken hyenas and killer frogs;
they eat you up like a troup of skinny hogs.
Your life is over without the stench of slime
mixed in with the cow bung grass funk combined.
So if thou comest upon a farmer’s yard,
look for attack cows and look hard,
for they have romance on their minds
and you are their romancee
about to get drenched in slime.
YUK yuk agh———————
Getting eaten by a drunken hyena
is better than that.

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