Hymns of the Empyreal

Heaven singing from on high,
Celestial cathedrals in consoling voice,
The pure climbing out of the pure,
Wandering through a new space,
Carrying silence immersed in sound,
A new music of the new age
Where sound embarks on a new mission,
The private melodies of heaven
Aimed at the far corners of the soul,
A music to rule the impulses,
To loosen the fibers of the heart,
To bring heaven to the
Thoughts and actions
With the divine taste of the Empyreal
From the shedding of its shell
And the sprouting of its wings,
To alight upon the hinterlands
Of the lands below,
Where heaven speaks to
The ears of the heart
And whispers the secrets of the divine
And fills the heart with ecstasy.
Oh such sweet music, ah-h-h-h....

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