Music at the easel
with hands of satin
and fingers of finesse,
eyes of splendor
and heart of passion,
feet of air dancing lightly,
celestial thoughts
and bygone places
at home in the mind,
brought into the light
with the music,
gladness coming forth
in colors of a melodic purple
that touches the carefree heart,
music jumping into a pink cloud
and laughing with the rain,
sadness touching the soul
with colors of gray and black
conjuring up lamenting memories,
close harmonies portraying
the brotherhood of sound
and the beauty of the sadness,
a portrait with smiles luring
the beholder into the scene,
touching his heart with
another deep red,
a melodic swoop on the harp
climbing up to the paradise,
a feeling of hands
around the torso leading the way,
a dream come to life,
a melodic kidnapping
of the enchanted soul,
the entwining of music
and colors and shapes
and the power they have
over the beholder,
captivated by the melodic images.

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