In the Cradle

In the Cradle
In a place where evil is a secluded isle
Smiles abounded and warmth all the while
Mother’s arms are so soft and so kind
Peace is a river that runs through my mind
While in my teens my fears start to enter
From faraway outside, right down to the center
Faith knocks at my door and takes me by the hand
Follow me, for I shall deliver you unto my land
Fear not, my friend, I will lead you to my shores
Through winding roads and overgrown moors
No matter how tough things seem to be
Thy cradle is in my arms, come up to me
There is always someone who smiles at you
Just like your mother, through and through
Although she is gone, her legacy still lingers
Chanting sacred hymns from faithful singers
A place in your heart forever be known
From a seed, arise and be westward blown
The cradle of life is always there at your side
Look at life, go into it, don’t worry, and ride

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