Soft and Exotic
Skin from the other side so exotic
Nature’s rousing brew, a potion, a narcotic
It casts the other side under a spell
Stories too impassioned too fervent to tell
A love song grows from the garden of Eros
A winding melody thru’ broad and narrows
Around radiant peaks and valleys so mysterious
Of exalted poems with verses so serious
Hidden words screaming, “Come forth my love”
My skin like white velvet as clouds drift above
Electric to the touch and stirring to the loins
A place to where pleasure and heaven joins
To pass over love’s glowing with my fingers
Like reveling in perfume and all that lingers
To live and die in this state of ecstasy
A place where I can set my spirit free
Take me home your skin soft as fleece
Home is where we lie together in peace
Skin from the other side
Skin so magnetic and erotic

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Parker Jennings
almost 5 years

Ahh, the sensation of milktongue is strong with this poem. So nice to read aloud

Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 5 years


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