Self-sufficient Melodies

Have you lost your way?  Do you look for familiar islands to set your feet upon, or are you brave and invent new ones to sail to?   A self-sufficient melody is like a courageous sailor who invests his life into untested territories where unfamiliar resolutions are hidden in the mist.  His strength and self-assurance give him the independence to carry out his expedition.  He doesn’t rely on public opinion to stay on course. Although they mock him, his determination will lead him to his charted isle.  He is not lost at sea, despite all the accusations.
Like determined sailors, the melody moves along with the foresight to know where it is going and what it will sound like when it gets there.  If it doesn’t find the proper resolution, it invents one; henceforth, a prelude to freedom.  Invention is the spice that flavors the music in its old and worn out state.  Familiarity is like a fruit that lost its taste.  It looks for new ways to become succulent again.
Since music is multifarious, melodies can be free to move at will.  They can feed off of each other and keep moving until the end of time.  They can form new chords, new sounds, and new musical passages.  There are no limitations, no matter what public opinion says.
New sounds, you suffuse
My total being
You move in and elevate
My worn out spirit
You warm my heart
And sweeten my palate
You invite me to dance
With the Gods of music
You with thy
Self-sufficient melodies
Traveling along unfamiliar
Courses that inspire me
To no end

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