Interpretations of Truth

Springtime with its renewed optimism cast away the dark days of winter.  They had worn the spirit down, and man needed that boost to raise himself from his baseness.  Almost everyone benefited from this spirit lifting annual event except for one who suffered with allergies.  His eyes, reddened from the pollen, appeared as if he had too much to drink, even though he didn’t drink at all.
Like a serpent, society sprung upon him injecting its venom while laughing and making up stories about him.  He was turned down at job interviews.  He forever created a false impression because of his bloodshot eyes.  Drunkards can’t be trusted.
The only ones that can be rightfully judged by society are they themselves, for they are not worthy enough to judge others.  They draw conclusions only from what they see.  Sight is only one-dimensional.  Truth is multi-dimensional, the source of all perception.  Every pattern of truth to follow fades away until reality sheds its own validity; then filters into our own dimension of awareness.  Only God can judge the source, and we can only judge the offspring of truth, our misconception that lies to us and commends us for our valid judgment.
The further stories drift away from the truth, the harder it becomes to overcome these lies.  Gossip is like a ravenous vulture that preys upon rotting carrion.  If the spirit preaches to us about the goodness of mankind, why can’t we let our dignity find the dignity in others?
Misery acts through loneliness, for that it reaches out to find and make someone else share that misery with us.
The man’s allergies were only a minor affliction compared to what society had put upon him.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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