The Proposal

“My world is full of you,
In my dreams and waking hours,
Leading me through the maze,
Through virgin jungles
And across windblown deserts,
Into secret caves and lost inside,
Following the scent of your you,
The one who cast thy magic into me,
That traveled deep down my spine,
Through corridors lined in red satin,
Spilling fire into my lonely loins,
Heating up my passion,
Casting thoughts of carnal love
With you and no one else,
As I breathe the scent of thy hair
With your name along its trail,
That pulls me through sand and thickets,
That covers my eyes with hopeless love,
That sends me soaring into nebulous skies,
But skies that reveal eternity’s secrets,
That bring life to my immobile spirit,
That writes loves story in my mind,
That places rhetoric into verses,
That solves the mystery of enchantment,
As I, the enchanted one,
Vow to make thy days as I’ve made my own,
Days filled with the spirit of eternal love
As my heart has wrapped around yours,
But yet loose enough to let freedom reign,
To spread the joy of independence
And let the divinity of fidelity rule our hearts,
As love has placed us above all doubt
And brought us to the threshold of commitment,
As I, upon my bended knee,
Ask for thy hand in marriage.”

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