The Freedom of Justice

Behind the prison doors he sat.  The top of his head had lost almost all of its gray hairs.  He looked down at the barren floor of his cell, deep in thought.
If only I could have felt the joy of freedom as it didn’t reach deep enough into my feelings for me to realize what pleasure that it would have brought to me.  Freedom to me was giving into all desires even if they went against what the spirit preached to me.  What I saw before me was there for the taking, even if it caused harm to someone else.
I didn’t know that freedom was a pleasurable response to what the integrity of justice, locked into my sacred being, was all about.  In order to live it I must feel it in my bones.  Morality is a freedom as it is a direct transcendence of the infinite soul.  If I would have let it control my inner desires, it would not have led me to the law to control them for me.
To me, I am rehabilitated, but I must still wait out my time here.  If only I could relive my life again.   It will soon be over.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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