You in your voluntary innocence,
with eyes of fear, sorrow, fright,
of pain invoked from your wounds,
not knowing the whys of torture,
living in the shadows of Auschwitz,
locked up in your prison
with no room to breathe the pure air,
for a sin not in your keeping
or a crime not committed,
are the unsung hero of the world.
Your tombstone among the
rest of the fallen heroes
will have a marble plaque
upon it etched in gold
with these words that read:
“Thy service to humanity
for your heroic deeds
shall not go unnoticed.”
You saved the world
from a deadly pandemic.
But you cannot read it.
If you were alive,
you still couldn’t.
If you could understand
why humanity lauds you,
you couldn’t.
If gold or silver were
given to you in your honor,
you would try to eat it.
If you had a brain,
you could be moved
by your accomplishments,
but then how would you have
endured all the pain inflicted
during your lowly days
in the laboratory?

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Nelson D Reyes
8 months

Mute as they are we learn a lot from them not the least is acceptance. A plaque well deserved.

Thank you Robert.

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