Connected to the rage inside
that is there and ever shall be,
the force that drives
mankind to madness from
the consuming fire from the
furnace of anger and lust
that extinguishes only before
the gratification of desire,
that anti-god born in the dark
that grows in the groin
and preys upon mother’s nature,
her vulnerability and kindness,
who feels the fury of his pistons
digging holes in her sweetness,
lapping up her milk
and then running away
to set sights on the next victim,
Mother Nature of love and charity,
heroines of the fragile earth
living in the arms of God,
smiling like he does,
inhaling the pure air
and exhaling the air
made purer through her,
with the power to tame the beast,
her weakness against his strength,
her beauty against his ugliness,
her cunningness against his ignorance,
her warmth against his coldness,
breathing love into his heart,
her power over his weakness,
channeling his lust toward her only,
and molding him into a man,
Father Nature with some of
Mother Nature inside him.

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Robert L. Martin
6 months

Thanks Nelson. I guess love takes us out of this painful world.

Nelson D Reyes
6 months

Love begets love. Nothing could be more true and beautiful than Nature in love, sharing love-pistons and holes, beauty and ugliness, and all that’s sweet and bitter.

This crazy time seems all we need after all is love, a wonderful tunnel of life.

Great love poem. Love it. Fave it,
Thanks Robert.

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