Lonely Lives

The old man peered through the window of his run down shack.  His lonely eyes caught the sun just before it slipped under the horizon.  His only enlightenment was gazing at Mother Nature; the way she flaunted her beauty at the earth.  It warmed his heart, but his solitary life still needed more.
His thoughts were all bottled up inside his frail body.  He wished there were someone to listen to his ideas.  For him, they were his trophies in recognition of his revelations that he accumulated throughout his long life.
He had turned his back on everyone that wanted to be intimate with him, and now he wished he wouldn’t have.  For someone to need no one is a misconception of pride leading him to his chosen world of isolation.  Even pride needs to be shared.
He, a victim of his own whimsical life style missed the malice of life that exists to make it what it truly is; a mixture of joy and sorrow.  His thoughts recognized it, but his feelings were unaffected from its influence.  He only lived half of a life; the half that exists in a world of fantasy, the way he had dreamed and wanted it to be.
Brotherhood offers a full life that shares both worlds together; its ideas, joys, sorrows, and laughter.  It also builds the intellect with its rationalization from its conflicting points of view.  Brotherhood also combines loneliness with the sensation of joy, a potpourri from the sweet gardens of the soul, where the spirit of friendship blossoms and rises to kiss the outstretched hand of heaven.  The old man’s joy was seeing the beauty in nature, but not from witnessing and feeling the joy of brotherhood; the life fully lived.

From my book entitled, In Reverence to Life."

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